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How is the surface of stainless steel pipe heat treated?

1. Stainless steel tube roller bottom bright heat treatment furnace

  This type of furnace is suitable for heat treatment of large-size and large-volume special-shaped stainless steel pipes, with an hourly output above 1.0t. The protective gases that can be used are high-purity hydrogen, decomposed ammonia and other protective gases. It can be equipped with a convection cooling system to cool the special-shaped stainless steel tube faster.

2. Stainless steel pipe mesh belt type bright heat treatment furnace

  This type of furnace is suitable for small diameter thin-walled precision special-shaped stainless steel pipes. The hourly output is about 0.3 to 1.0t. The length of the pipe can be up to 40m. It can also be used to process capillary tubes in coils. Equipped with convection cooling system for fast cooling. Using gas fuel or electric heating, various protective gases can be used. The special-shaped stainless steel pipe after this furnace heat treatment has no scratches and good brightness.

The high requirements of stainless steel welded pipes are the distinguishing features from other steels

The high requirements for the surface of the stainless steel welded pipe is the distinguishing feature from other steels. In fact, in addition to the high requirements for cold-rolled stainless steel welded pipes, the surface also has high requirements for hot-rolled stainless steel welded pipes. Since most of the medium flattening equipment on the market is domestically produced, many of them are

With reference to the installation and rectification project of domestic medium-sized board Kaiping equipment in 2006, it was found that 3 of the 12 problems were related to the protection board. It involves the material of the feeding platform. The feeding platform needs to use electrical rubber plates instead of steel plates. The conveyor platform requires nylon rollers instead of steel rollers.

As we all know, because the middle plate has a relatively large crimping force, it often has strong contact with the device during the opening process. If the contact part is steel, it will cause mutual wear and form sharp and uneven edges. The company's plate opening equipment was marked due to severe wear of the leveling roller

Although not all medium and thick stainless steel welded pipes have high requirements, it is good that the company has a device that can open high-quality tablet computers. The best way to improve equipment processing capacity is to make reasonable corrections when designing equipment. Not every equipment manufacturing company can create perfection

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