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Distinction between annealed and non-annealed stainless steel tubes

How to distinguish annealed and non annealed stainless steel welded pipe?

One tube can be judged by echo.

Click on each tube and listen to the echo at the nozzle. If the echo is higher, the? Is sharper and annealed. Because the internal crystal structure of the annealed part is more uniform and compact, higher spacing echoes can be generated without annealing. Due to a large number of tissue defects, it can absorb part of the sound energy, so the tone of the nozzle is very low, and very stuffy. If possible, it can be detected by sonar.

Use a more accurate digital multimeter to measure resistance per unit length (e.g., 2 meters).The resistance of stainless steel shall be measurable.The resistance of annealed steel is less than that of non-annealed steel.Dry before test, no liquid.These methods distinguish between annealed and non-annealed stainless steel welded tubes.

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