The predecessor of Wanzhi Group was established in 2002 located in Henan Zidong Steel Centre by the Mr. Wang Huamin who is founder and chairman of the group.

Wanzhi Iron & Steel co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wanzhi Group in import and export business. Relying on Zhengzhou Wanzhi Materials Co., LTD., a regional branch of Henan Province, it is responsible for the import and export business of metal materials. It is also a private trademark and brand of Wanzhi Group. It has 9 major metal material import and export departments, covering the whole industrial chain of more than 90 metal material products, with 17 years in the metal material industry. More than 12 years of import and export experience, with global cooperation in more than 80 countries/regions. The annual export volume exceeds 200,000 tons and the annual export volume exceeds us $30,000,000.

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Products are divided into Stainless steel square tube, Stainless steel industrial pipe,Stainless Steel Pipe FittingsStainless steel
welded pipe,Stainless Steel Capillary Tube and other eight categories

Real case

Stainless steel applications can be divided into five sectors: construction, transportation, energy,
packaging, home appliances and industry.

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Stainless steel pipe is safe and reliable, sanitation environmental
protection, economical and applicable.

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